Get Ready for your first ride...


Keep hydrated before, during and after your class.


Because of the energy you are going to need and burn, make sure you eat something, just a light snack, 30 minutes before you come. You don't want to get light-headed.


Wear a light T shirt and light leggings or shorts for class. We provide you with complimentary cleated shoes. 

Check in

Arrive early

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Try to arrive at least 15 minutes early. If you are a newbie, please let us know and we will help you get sorted with your set-up. 

If you are a newbie

1. We will sign you in at reception, pick out a pair of shoes to fit you and allocate you a locker.

2. We will help set you up on your bike and show you your measurements which are: 

  • seat height, seat position, handle bar height

3. Please make sure you have checked with your doctor that you are safe to ride if you have any pre-existing medical conditions and commit your mind and body to a full body workout.

4. Once you are in class listening to our motivational instructors, listen to your body and work at your own pace. Stay hydrated and let the instructor know if you feel unwell at all.

Please note

If you're not signed in three minutes before class, your bike may be handed over and you won't be able to ride.

Sign your waiver

If you are new to our studio, then you will be asked to accept our health disclaimer online when you book to say you are fit to ride. When you arrive at the studio you will also be asked to fill in a quick medical questionnaire. To save time you can download it here and bring it with you. If you are under-18 then you need your parent or guardian to sign for you at the studio. Don’t forget to tell us on your medical form if an existing Go Revolution client referred you. We will credit their account with 100 points, which they can redeem for a cash discount on rides and merchandise. You too can earn points with every person you get to come to Go Rev.


Your class includes cleated shoes but if you prefer to wear trainers that's fine! If you have your own cycling shoes then feel free to bring them - our pedals are SPD compatible. Please take care when walking in the shoes. Please return your shoes to the shoe bin after your class where we ensure they are cleaned and disinfected.


We provide you with a complimentary hand towel on your bike. We also have bath towels to hire for £1 if you would like to have a shower.


It's vital to keep you going in class. We sell water in the studio at £1.00 per bottle but of course you can also bring your own.


We have lockers to keep your valuables safe. They are free to use and have a digital lock which you programme on each use. Instructions are on the inside of the lockers.

Order a smoothie

If you would like a smoothie, you can pre-order at our juice bar before your ride and it will be ready and waiting for you when you finish! Of course you can order one after your ride too, if your feeling like you need a refuel!