This is our signature ride for the mind and body… a cardio party on a bike! Set to high energy uplifting music you will combine varied resistance, in and out of the saddle, with dance like rhythm moves! Some classes include light hand weights to give you an all over full body workout. With low lights you ride together as a pack, feeding off each others energy, which helps clear and focus your mind. This is a fun class open to all abilities…you are in control of your workout…it's about being the best you can be…it's a revolution!

Some of our Revolution rides are Themed - we love a great playlist to add to the fun e.g. Take That, Coldplay, Madonna v Kylie, 80's, Movies, Calvin Harris! 

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Go Power rides use our state of the art colour changing bikes to help you reach your fitness goals.

After setting your individual power score based on your current level of fitness (we'll help you set this), the colour consoles light up on top of the bike to match your effort levels. You'll be guided through the 5 different colours,  working at different intensities. This concept is brilliant as it provides a way for riders to know at a glance whether they are putting out the desired effort.With pumping tunes, Jane will push and motivate you to find your power! Warning! - These colour zones get addictive and you'll be coming back for more to improve your power score!



This ride is for those that want a steadier ride. With a longer warm up and cool down, you will still gain all the benefits of indoor cycling but the slower pace means you can build up your strength and fitness according to your needs. We will work the upper body too so you get a full body workout. Packed with fun, motivating music and energy we'll work together as a group!  


Perfect for those just starting out on their fitness journey, those recovering from injury, total beginners, those who just want to take it STEADY! 



We Love a theme... so we run special one off Party rides to add some fun! Like our Go Revolution rides they provide a 45 minute full body workout for all abilities. From Beyonce to Glastonbury, Madonna to 90's, check out our Party rides and grab yourself a bike.  Our instructors love to dress up, feel free to join in (but it's not compulsary!) Let us know what you want, we are always ready to take on your ideas! These rides are not included on our class pass system and can be booked separately. 

solo rides


Reserve a bike on one of our Solo rides and you take control of your workout. Download the ICG Training app free on your mobile and access multiple training programs which link up to our colour coded controls on our state of the art bikes. You can even program your own rides and download your own music too (don't forget your ear phones). We have set times when our studio is booked exclusively for those who wish to Solo ride. Book on to the session and your bike is booked for 1 hour. You decide how long you do.