This is our signature ride for the mind and body… a cardio party on a bike! Set to high energy uplifting music you will combine varied resistance, in and out of the saddle, with dance like rhythm moves! Some classes include light hand weights to give you an all over full body workout. With low lights you ride together as a pack, feeding off each others energy, which helps clear and focus your mind. This is a fun class open to all abilities…you are in control of your workout…it's about being the best you can be…it's a revolution!

Some of our Revolution rides are Themed - we love a great playlist to add to the fun e.g. Take That, Coldplay, Madonna v Kylie, 80's, Movies, Calvin Harris! 



Go Colour rides use our state of the art colour changing bikes to help you reach your fitness goals.

After setting your individual power score based on your current level of fitness (we'll help you set this), the colour consoles light up on top of the bike to match your effort levels. You'll be guided through the 5 different colours,  working at different intensities. This concept is brilliant as it provides a way for riders to know at a glance whether they are putting out the desired effort.With pumping tunes, Jane will push and motivate you to find your power! Warning! - These colour zones get addictive and you'll be coming back for more to improve your power score!



This ride is for those that want a steadier ride. With a longer warm up and cool down, you will still gain all the benefits of indoor cycling but the slower pace means you can build up your strength and fitness according to your needs. We will work the upper body too so you get a full body workout. Packed with fun, motivating music and energy we'll work together as a group!  


Perfect for those just starting out on their fitness journey, those recovering from injury, total beginners, those who just want to take it STEADY! 

Party RIDE.png


Like our Go Revolution rides our Party rides are still 45 minutes but have more of a party feel and little less intense. These rides often have a themed playlist; from Beyonce to Take That, Ibiza to 80's.  We like to vary it up! Let us know what you want, we are always ready to take on your ideas! Glow sticks, leg warmers and themed dress are always welcome in these ones (but not compulsory).


family rides


Time to ride together.  This fun ride is designed for anyone over the age of 14yrs and over 5ft tall. We encourage teens to ride with parents and carers, to have fun getting fit together. You don’t need to be a teen, or have a teen to ride with you though. This ride is open to all. Teens may ride without an adult but a disclaimer must be signed at the studio by a parent or guardian.

Get fit test


Ever wonder how you are progressing with your fitness?  Do you want a way to measure yourself to help set your goals?We've designed a Get fit test using the technology on our bikes that will give you your own specific fitness score. This test is suitable for anyone of any fitness level and is completely personal to you. You decide how hard you push! It's great for those in training, but just as good for those who want a bit of feedback. We'll confidentially give you your score at the end of your ride - no score boards! This score can then be programmed into our consoles for any rides you attend (if you wish), so you can see how you are progressing and help push you further. These tests run every 8 weeks.