Have You Been Waiting For Something New?

You know that feeling when you are just waiting for something but you're not sure what? Waiting for something to happen. Waiting for something new. Maybe you've been waiting for Go Revolution.

We’re not spin, zumba, yoga or circuits. We’re not hours in the gym and we are definitely not out in all weathers. We’re not judgemental, not exclusive, you won’t get bossed around by us.

Go Revolution is for you if you love dancing but nobody has taken you out for a while. It’s for you if you want to get strong from the inside out. It’s for you if you want to look good and you know that starts with feeling good too.

You don’t need the right trainers, a membership card or lots of time. We provide all the motivation you ever need once you walk through the door. We make booking easy with our app, we offer classes at different levels and we make you part of our tribe from your first visit.

Go Revolution is indoor cycling transformed. We’ve checked and there’s nothing like us anywhere around. You might have been waiting for us and you don’t even know it - why not join us at the beginning of the revolution?