Katie's amazing journey

Meet Katie, one of our Go Rev riders who has been on an incredible journey since starting at Go Revolution a couple of years ago:


What made you first come to Go Revolution?

Two years ago I walked past the poster for Go Revolution on the wall outside Go Yoga, Hornbeam Park whilst dropping my daughter at gymnastics. It really caught my eye; Party on a bike was absolutely what I was looking for. I'd never done spinning back in the day when everyone seemed to do it at their gyms. I'm not a big gym kind of person at all - never have been!  I also really liked the flexibility and ease of booking sessions, it really works for me with 3 children, 3 jobs and a husband who works odd shift patterns. 

What difference has it made to you?

 SO MUCH DIFFERENCE!! I’m happier, healthier, fitter and found a fabulous group of friends.

After I had my twins I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis and a lot of the treatments I was given caused me to pile on the weight which had a massive impact on my mood and my energy levels. I needed to find a form of exercise that didn't have a negative impact on my joints like road running did. (that was the only exercise I really did and it was very sporadic due to motivation!). 

I am now completely addicted to indoor cycling and make sure I find time for it. I really genuinely look forward to exercising - it isn't a chore at all because it's fun. I absolutely love the playlists. There is such a great community feel, everyone is lovely which makes a massive difference because everyone supports each other and I'd not found that with exercise before. 

I've seen a massive increase in my fitness in the past 2 years I used to be laying on the chairs after a class with Victoria and now I am sprinting next to Glen and Victoria is an instructor!!


Tell us why you recently took up the Parkinson’s UK Time to Ride challenge?

Suzie mentioned the challenge and it appealed as I have always tried to support Parkinsons UK. My Dad suffered with Parkinsons and sadly passed away last Summer so it was even more poignant for me. I like challenges! I thought it would be a great way to encourage me to keep pushing myself in terms of getting fitter (and feeling happier in swimwear!!)


What did you have to do in it?

Cycle 250 miles in 50 days 


We understand you were the leading lady for distance in the whole country, which is amazing. How many miles did you do in the end and how much did you raise?

Yes!! I realised that I could do the 250 miles in 2 weeks, so I decided to aim for more. I thought I'd try and do 500 miles but in the end I did 711 miles in 50 days.

I was the only girl in the top 10 for miles ridden in the 50 days and came 7thoverall.

I raised £460 (14th highest fundraiser in the challenge)


What’s your favourite class at Go Revolution?

I have loads of favourites but my fave is Nicola’s party ride. I love the fun atmosphere in her sessions...and the wigs / glitter / onions / school girls / claudia masks / novelty shorts / wonder woman outfit etc.  I love the lights off mindfulness stuff as well as the rave sprints!

I loved Sarahs classes too though, her playlists are amazing!! (even loved the towel in the end) and Jens playlists are also right up my street!


Do you have a standout Go Revolution moment so far?

I loved completing my 100 rides this year. I was really proud of myself and so were my kids!! Also winning the May challenge (bit of a year for challenges!)

Seeing friends absolutely smash it by becoming instructors themselves - so inspiring I've even toyed with the idea myself! (would be wall to wall dance bangers!)


What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of giving Go Rev a go?

Do it! It's not scary or intimidating or full of mega fitness freaks. Everyone is different and everyone is made so welcome. It's more than an exercise class it really is a supportive community of people. There are loads of different classes, different levels for total beginner to full on stats obsessed road cyclist and everything in-between, different atmospheres, different music and different kinds of workouts (never realised what a fab upper body and core workout riding a bike could be!).

I would challenge anyone not to feel fitter or happier after trying it!

If you would like to donate to Katie’s challenge you can do so here https://time-to-ride-2019.everydayhero.com/uk/katie

Suzie Thomas