From client to our newest team member

Meet Victoria, who started her Go Revolution journey having never tried indoor cycling before. She found her love of the bike and is now a fully trained Instructor…

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Hi Victoria, great to see you out and about….

Hi! I've just planned my next ride - can't' wait to jump on the bike :)

What made you first walk through the doors on Commercial Street?

A good friend of mine convinced me to give it a go and genuinely - I've never looked back! I'll never forget my first ride - I had to have an emergency fruit pastel and a lie down before I could even change my shoes, but it wasn't long before my stamina increased. The community I've become a firm part of and the weekly hit of low impact cardio keeps me coming back.

Before coming to Go Revolution had you ever ventured to a spin class before?

No! I felt too intimidated but as soon as I came to my first class I realised it doesn't matter what clothes you wear, what age you are or what level of fitness you have... the classes are designed so that, although you get the benefit of a work out in a group dynamic, it is an individual work out that gives you the opportunity to work at your own pace and fitness level.

What are some things to know for those who have never been before?

Arrive a bit early so that you can familiarise yourself with the shoes (provided by Go Revolution), the bike and the space. Check out that resistance level, have a play around with the settings before the class and find your base level - it can be easy to get carried away during a class! Bring a bottle of water as you drink a lot... Don't forget to breathe and just have fun!

What do you want people to feel in your rides?

I try to be friendly but firm, inviting and informative, helpful yet holistic. Some people want to measure calories burned, miles per hour, kilometers ridden, sweat dripped, noises made but having recently made the move from Go client to Go instructor and becoming a fully qualified trainer, I really want to focus on helping beginners find their mojo.

Do you have a standout Go Revolution moment so far?

My 40th birthday! I immediately felt like part of a community when i walked through the doors at Go Revolution so what better way to celebrate than with a themed ride!

If you've never been to a class before, don't panic! It's such a fun work out and it really does work.... as a busy mum of three I really needed cardio to add to my weekly work out and Go Revolution was the perfect solution, low impact cardio in a super friendly studio.

Suzie Thomas