Stretch for success

Our indoor cycling classes based on Commercial Street, Harrogate not only offer a steady warm up, but also a cool down and post ride stretch. Why? To put it simply a good post ride stretch helps prevent muscle soreness and maintains flexibility. 

The warm up is a slow build up to help you find your rhythm but also helps your legs, arms and core warm up. This is a slow increase in resistance to get you and your body ready for the ride. 

The cool down sees your instructor keep on a low resistance while you spin those legs to a slow beat. This gives you a chance to ride easy and stops your blood pressure dropping too quickly and feeling dizzy. 

The final off the bike stretch is guided by your instructor and is just as important as the fat burning ride itself. Stretching after one of our high intensity, low impact, fat burning indoor cycling sessions helps prevent any build up of lactic acid which causes muscle fatigue and soreness. It takes less than 5 minutes but will help you improve flexibility and make sure your heart rate and blood pressure is back on track.

Your calves, thighs and hamstrings will thank you for it! 



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Sophie Bickerdike