Go Hydrate!

We’ve heard it all before but just how important is drinking water? Getting some water on board before one of our indoor cycling session is a must, as is having a bottle on hand during the ride. 

Did you know that during one of our indoor cycling sessions you could lose 2 to 3 litres of water?! With your legs spinning that fast its no wonder! To help avoid feeling achy during and after a cycle come hydrated.

Our indoor cycling sessions makes you sweat. A lot. Hydration is key to a great workout so don’t wait until you get on the bike in our Harrogate gym - drink a couple of glasses an hour or so before the class. Bring a bottle with you and make sure to drink lots after your done. 

Why? When you are hydrated the blood flows around your body a lot easier. Water helps energise your muscles and avoid muscle fatigue. To put it simply, if your muscles don't have enough water they get tired, so give your workout the best chance it can be and go hydrate!  

Water doesn’t do it for you? Why not pre-order one of our smoothies or grab a drink from our Smoothie bar before you head away.