Who said you can't ride with one leg?

Riding with a prosthetic leg. Feel belonging and focus on goals

Meet Tom

Tom doesn’t let being a pensioner or having 2 strokes stop him, he doesn’t let dementia stop him and he definitely doesn’t let having a prosthetic leg stop him!

Why? Because Tom wants to make a change. He wants to get fitter, he wants to feel healthier and he wants to feel like he belongs somewhere.

Tom is one of our inspirational riders at Go Revolution. Starting off on our beginner’s Go Steady ride once a week, 2 months later Tom is now riding 4 times a week and is feeling huge health benefits. He may not be able to do all the moves in the class but it doesn’t stop his enjoyment and motivation. He does what he can and each ride he sees an improvement.

We don’t want Tom or you to feel like you need to fit in at Go Revolution, we want you to feel like you belong, whoever you are. You don’t have to be the fittest, thinnest or wearing the trendiest sports wear. If you want to ride and feel better about yourself inside and out, then you belong here! It’s that simple.

It’s easy to come up with excuses of why we can’t do indoor cycling, and Tom certainly has a few genuine ones. But he’s not letting them get in his way, because he is so focused on what he wants to achieve. Setting your own personal goals and outcomes can really help to keep you motivated and on track. So next time you come up with an excuse... think of Tom.

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