8 top tips for early morning riders

Early morning exercise

Finding time to fit exercise into your daily routine can be challenging. By the time you’ve done a day at work, just the thought of working out in the evening can make you feel tired and lacking in motivation.

Early morning workouts on the other hand provide benefits to health and routine that others can’t match. They not only boost your metabolism, by causing you to continue burning calories throughout the day, they also improve your mental and physical energy, aid sleep, increase focus, create discipline and routine, all enabling you to reach your fitness goals quicker.

“But I’m not a morning person’ I hear you cry. Well these top tips will help you integrate an early morning class into your daily routine, so you too can reap the benefits.

WAKE UP alarm clock
  1. Put your alarm out of reach

    It’s too easy to reach over and switch your alarm off, but if you have to physically get out of bed to switch it off, the job of getting up is done! Make your alarm loud too, so there will be no chance of not hearing it.

  2. Book your class before you go to sleep

    Booking your ride before you go to bed means you are committing to going. If people are expecting you, you’ll be less likely to change your mind and using a class pass system where you lose your pass if you don’t attend is also great incentive to go.

  3. Make it a routine

    The key to staying motivated is making your exercise part of your daily routine. Habits can be formed in less than 21 days so committing yourself to regular morning exercise in the first few weeks is vital. Before you know it, it will be part of your normal week. It’s all too easy for other things to get in way of you exercising e.g work commitments, kids etc. But there is little to get in the way at this time of day.

  4. Keep moving

    Don’t sit down to eat, don’t shower. Just get up, put on your kit (which is handy to lay out the night before) and get going.

  5. To eat or not to eat?

    Eat a small amount of high-carbohydrate, moderate protein, low fat foods before your workout e.g. banana, yogurt.

  6. Drink plenty of water

    Your body is dehydrated when you wake so it’s important to hydrate well before you work out. Make sure you drink at least 250ml beforehand and drink regularly during your ride.

  7. Find and early morning workout buddy

    We all know having a buddy to exercise with is great motivation. Neither of you want to let each other down. Share lifts to the studio then there is even more reason to go together.

  8. Give yourself a reward

    All achievements need a reward, and smashing an early morning ride is no exception. It could be as simple as your favourite coffee or a post ride smoothie, or set yourself a personal challenge with a reward at the end. e.g. 5 early morning rides and you’ll buy yourself those new leggings you’ve had your eye on. It’ll help keep you motivated if you know what’s at the end of it.

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