Why use cycling shoes for indoor cycling?

Using cycling shoes might sound like something only keen cyclists use out on the roads, so why do we provide them for our indoor cycling classes at Go Revolution?


More Power

By clipping onto the pedals you gain a much more efficient pedal stroke.  Rather than just pushing with your quadriceps you engage your hamstrings, calves and shin muscles too. This not only increases the power you can put into each pedal stroke, it makes it a lot more even too, so no bulky thighs! It also makes it feel easier! 

Greater stability

Leg muscles are more balanced and knees and feet are more stabilised resulting in feeling much more stable on the bike.  Your feet aren't squeezed into cages, which can sometimes result in the feet slipping out if too loose or causing numbness if too tight. The stiffness of the soles of the shoes can also reduce the strain on the achilles tendon.  

How do cycling shoes work?

On the bottom of a cycling shoe, is a metal cleat (we use the SPD system) recessed into the rubber sole.


This clips into a metal clip on the pedal.  Clipping in for the first time can be a little tricky, but we help you do this.  Top tip is to line the front strap of the shoe up with the front of the pedal, tilt your foot down slightly, slide forward until it stops then push your heel down till it clicks. Your foot should now feel securely attached to the pedal.

Unclipping cycling shoes

Unclipping cycling shoes

To unclip from the pedals, gently twist your heel outwards. They should unclip easily, however if you feel any strain on your knee don't force this.  Remove your foot from the shoe and remove with your hands. 


How should my shoes fit?

Your cycling shoes should feel comfortable and always wear socks. You may need to go up a size from your normal shoe size.  There should be enough room in the front of the shoes to wiggle your toes. Before you ride make sure the velcro straps fit snuggly. If you experience any numbness during your ride try loosening your straps a little. 


It’s easy to get the hang of using cycling shoes and you'll notice the difference with every ride! 

Suzie Thomas