Go Revolution has been amazing for me


What brought you to Go Revolution? 

I had heard of spin classes but had never been game enough to try them before - to me they looked like they were for the fitness elite! After seeing an advert on social media for Go Revolution I booked just one class to give it a try.

Why do you come back?

The wow! This is just what I needed to motivate me to exercise regularly. Go Revolution has been amazing for me - I have lost weight, changed shape, become a lot fitter and met some really fab people.

How do you find time in your daily life for a Go Rev Ride?

Go Revolution works well for me as I work full time, Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm. The 6.30am morning session means you can do a workout, shower and freshen up all before your work day starts. The thought of getting up early when it’s dark and cold really doesn’t appeal but that feeling when you’ve finished your ride and you can see how many calories burned before most people are even out of bed is so worth it!  

If I don't make my early morning ride, the evening sessions are a great option. I can still attend these when I’ve finished my shift and still have my evening to myself when I’m done as they are just 45 minutes a ride.

What do you think is the key to staying motivated?

Seeing the changes in your fitness, your body or your weight changing is motivation for most. For me it’s the challenge. Setting a goal (be it resistance, rpm, distance or calories - too many to choose from!) is important for me even if it’s only small - just seeing those improvements is what motivates me! With such a big choice of ace instructors, who each have their own playlists, means the classes never become repetitive.

What difference has coming to Go Revolution made to you?

I have a very busy work life so for me Go Revolution is my release. These 45 minute rides are a chance for me to get the day-to-day stress out whilst working out and having fun!

If you could give any advice or encouragement to someone thinking of taking up indoor cycling what would it be?

Don't hesitate, try it! I was nervous - I attended my first class on my own. The hardest part is definitely turning up! Once you're there everyone is so lovely and helpful so if you are at all worried about your fitness level or not being able to manage a class, don't! You set your own limit, you control your ride, its yours for the taking! 


Our rides run daily throughout the week. Check out our ride schedule - https://www.gorevolution.co.uk/our-schedule 

Suzie Thomas