How we helped one of our riders lose 6 Stone!

We love to share inspiring stories from our clients.  Here's how Go Revolution helped Sharon stay motivated in her amazing transformation.


What brought you to Go Revolution?
I was walking past one day whilst it was being re-furbished and was being nosey about what was going on the site so popped in to find out. I've gone through phases in my life with fitness before but having something on my doorstep, with 45 minute classes seemed too good to be true. I was at a stage where I knew I needed to do something to sort out my fitness/health and having tried a couple of spin classes a few years ago I knew I could do it.

Why do you come back?
It gets results and there's so much variety. Each instructor is different and has a unique style (and playlist!!) which means each session is different ensuring you work all over your body. Burning up to 700 cals stretch and be home in 50 minutes makes it fit in with my lifestyle and it's pretty addictive. I weighed nearly 6 stone more when I started in 2017 than I do now so it was also good on the knees/hips with lots less impact than running or other HIIT type stuff I've tried in the past. 

How do you find time to fit your rides into your daily life?
The class times work. 6.30am seems like a killer, but to be home before 7.20am to sort kids, school runs and get to work fits around my week. The weekend classes are at a slightly more civilised time and if I'm stuck there's also some lunchtime sessions which I'm keen to try too. I've dipped in and out of exercise in the past but I need commitment and routine to stick to it so I know it's firmly in the diary. It's the only way I can make it fit around a bonkers work week and family so a varied class schedule and the ability to book on through the web/app works well for me.

What do you think is the key to staying motivated?
Results. I've had the best results ever with indoor cycling. Whenever I've lost weight before I've plateaued and got stuck/bored. Spin powered me right past that stage, so I'm discovering a whole new body shape and the shopping for clothes that goes with it!  More seriously, I think the offer and service and quality of training is good. It's clean and modern, the instructors are fab. Some of the playlists are from my debauched clubbing years, and if I can manage to get  up to spin at 6am with a steaming hangover it shows how motivating the classes are - I recommend them to everyone!

What difference has coming to Go Revolution made to you?
Less stress, better work/health balance and I'm in skinny jeans - all of these are very important!

If you could give any advice or encouragement to someone thinking of taking up Indoor cycling what would it be?
Get involved. What I love about indoor cycling is that you can take it at your own pace, there's no judgement. If you feel like you're dying and the instructor says turn up the dial, there's no pressure to do so. You can manage your own ride in your own way so you can manage your own levels in those early classes. The groups are friendly, the staff care and the facilities are top-notch. It's taken time for me to use the cycling shoes provided as I liked staying safe in my trainers, but I've eventually had a go and they totally change the way you ride, but the point is I made my own choice. You ride together but you make your own choices about making it work for you.


Well done Sharon. We are so proud of all you have achieved.

Go Revolution classes are open to all, wherever you are on your fitness journey.