Indoor cycling is for anyone


Katrina's journey to the Go Revolution Fitness Family... 

I'm lazy, it's true! As a busy working mum any excuse I can have to flake out in front of the TV is, quite frankly, bliss. But I do love exercise too, mostly the "quick get it done so I don't feel so bad for having that glass of wine" type of exercise is best.

I've tried literally everything over the years: from high street gyms, outdoor military style training, group and one-on-one personal training sessions, high intensity, cardio, running clubs... you name it I've tried it. All have failed me miserably, especially since having children. I want to get fit and I want my pre children body back - but I want to do it on my terms. I want fun, fast, friendly. My "fast approaching 40" body needs something that does what it says it will do. Strengthen my core, tone the wobbly bits and reduce the number on the scales. I want to fit in to "those" jeans again! 

I work in an industry that sees me at a desk for large parts of the day. My motivation to exercise versus my motivation to snack during the day and eat comfort food with a glass of wine was clearly doing me no favours. The weight had piled on, my skin matching my energy levels. I was in search of something that would pick me up, take me in and not only make me do it, but make me want to go back again and again. 

Finally, in Go Revolution I have found just that. A killer workout with none of that harsh high street gym lighting. The classes are all individual to the instructors which I love. I was eased in gently with the suggestion of trying a post school drop off class. Being greeted at the door with a smile helped, you wouldn't have known I was petrified of falling off the bike and causing a domino style tumble on my first ride! I thought the shoes would be "a thing", using the complimentary cycling shoes was absolutely nothing like using those turgid bowling clogs that are thrust in to your hands at the alley.

I was keen to try something new but not on my own so convinced a friend to come along with the promise of a post work out sweaty coffee on me.  Immediately I wondered why we didn't arrange a "get me out of here" call like you do on the first Tinder date - you know, when you realise the photo has been Photoshopped and the awesome online chat turns out to be their only way of communicating, but it was not needed. As we were guided up the stairs by the wonderful Suzie I quickly realised that although having a friend there was lovely it wasn't necessary. In to the studio we go and both Suzie and my lovely instructor were on hand to make sure the bike and me were going to get on just fine. 

And off we go and I am immediately thankful for the clean towel on the bikes, having forgotten that exercise = sweat, especially when your last form of exercise was at the Harrogate Train Station running across the bridge and down the stairs to the already revving train to Leeds - although from my leap in to the doors it was clear i'd been watching too much Strictly Come Dancing with eldest!   

I started these classes in May after agreeing to run a 5k for charity with a couple of chums. This was definitely after my second gin... I would not have agreed to this without dutch courage surely! 

That 5k is done and long in the past. I can genuinely say that the indoor cycling classes at Go Revolution most definitely gave me the boost of fitness I needed to be able to run/ walk/ stagger over the line.

I now go 2 to three times a week and feel firmly part of the Go Revolution family. I know that in Kat's class the tunes are on point but my thighs are going to know about it! In Nicola's class I'm guided on a steady, fun session that gets the heart pumping and the calories burning. Lynn's classes are combined with a wellness feeling that takes you and your soul on a journey. Jane's sessions are a perfect all over workout that sees me ride over 25kms. Vicky's are a perfect way to start off the week and you really feel you've had a proper work out. Cheryl's are deceiving, she is one pocket rocket!  Luke's always make you leave with a "hell yeah, I've just had a work out" feeling. All the instructors are just amazing and the tunes they've selected suit their styles. 

Take the ride, join the revolution.