6 Pack Challenge

It's time - summer is here and it's now or never to get off the sofa and enjoy the sunshine. You can choose the mood for your summer and getting in shape is a great way to do this. Exercise releases the endorphins we need to find that happy feeling so our June offer could be just the push you need. 

Whether you are looking for a literal 6 pack or just to rediscover your abs, the 6 pack challenge is for you. The more your ride, the more rides you can do for free, plus you get one of our great T's to show you are part of the Go Revolution Tribe. 


Jane 3 © GJ.jpg




The 6 pack challenge runs all the way through June. It's so simple, after your first 10 rides you get 1 free. When you've completed 15 rides you get 3 free. Make it to 20 rides and you get a whole 6 rides for free. We know you will feel fabulous, look great and be ready for everything this summer has in store for you. Whatever your level of fitness, there is a class for you and we are here 7 days at week. Call or email to register for the challenge and we'll see you on the bike.