Take care of your mind... be part of something

Good mental health is essential for us to live a happy balanced life. Eating well, sleeping and making time for exercise all help in keeping our emotions balanced. However, according to The Mental Health Organisation who recently published a study to coincide with Mental Health week last week, the UK’s mental health is not in a good state. 1 in 4 adults are suffering from some sort of depression or mental health issues. Whatever side of that statistic you are on, it’s important to care for your state of mind!


There’s been tons of research on the benefits of yoga and exercise for reducing stress, calming your mind and increasing those all important happy hormones! But we mustn’t forget another factor that helps us feel good:  COMMUNITY. 


An incredibly important aspect of happiness is connection with other humans.  Social connection with other happy souls can be infectious. When everyone around you is having fun, it’s hard not to have fun yourself. It’s all about Energy! 


This is where a yoga class and an indoor cycling class are very similar.  They both give you a sense of belonging. It’s an opportunity to exchange encouragement and inspiration with your neighbours, and create a sense of unity amongst the group. It’s a chance to make friends and fulfil that all important human need for connection. 


Classes at Go Yoga and Go Revolution are more than just a workout - they are therapy. They are an opportunity to blast the stresses away, connect with others and leave just feeling HAPPY! 

Sophie Bickerdike