Spin Into Spring

So life is fabulous. We have another hour of daylight every day. There is blossom in the trees - if you live in Harrogate you know we do this very well. There is actual sunshine in the sky and you can venture outside without five layers of clothing. We even have grass growing outside the studio - summer is coming - are you ready? 

Maybe you work out all through the winter, maybe you hibernate and wait for spring. Now is the time to step it up a gear, make some new fitness goals and get ready to go outside. Whether you are a preparing for some epic bike rides through the Yorkshire Dales or you want to look great on the beach this summer, you can use our spin classes to make the changes you want to see. Our Performance Rides are great for making sure you are being consistent with your training and moving your fitness level in the right direction. Our Revolution Rides give you the motivation you need to burn calories and give you a full body workout. 

When you exercise your release endorphins - the same feel good hormone that is released when you spend time in the sunshine. So our spin classes give you a little bit of that sunshine feeling and help you get ready for whatever the new season brings. We even have early morning classes so you can start exercising with the sunrise and feel empowered to greet the day. Whatever your plans for the great outdoors this summer, spin into spring with us and start the transformation.