Colour Me Happy With A Performance Ride

Have you tried one of our Performance Rides yet?  This is a great class to make sure you are being consistent with your training and moving your fitness level in the right direction.

These rides are a fantastic opportunity to give each rider within the class an individual target to work towards whilst everyone completes the same workout. Go Revolution bikes have the latest technology with five different colour zones making you work at different intensities. These are based on a percentage of the individual power score you set yourself at the start of the class, so Performance Rides are accessible to all Go Revolution riders from beginner to advanced.

After setting your individual power score, the colour consoles light up on top of the bike to match your effort levels. This brilliant concept provides a way for riders to know at a glance whether they are putting out the desired effort, adding visual motivation to your ride.

Come and give our Performance Rides a try on Mondays at 7am and Wednesdays at 7.15pm. Watch out - those colour zones get addictive and you'll be coming back for more to improve your power score!