40 Day Challenge

Giving something up can be a great exercise in mental and physical discipline. Whether you're doing a detox for a few days, spending the weekend without looking at your phone, giving up alcohol for dry January or going without chocolate for the 40 days of Lent, it's always good to challenge yourself. 

So how about turning the 40 days upside down, taking up a positive challenge to try something new, not cutting something out but adding something in. Our sister company Go Yoga is challenging people to 40 days of kindness. We're thinking 40 days of spin...we have classes everyday...but we know life is crazy and maybe that's just not possible for you. So how about our 40 day challenge instead?

40 days - 14 classes

Our challenge is for you to complete 14 classes by Easter (April 16). You can start anytime in March and as an incentive, when you complete the challenge we'll give you two free classes and your choice of a Go Revolution tee or hoodie. 



So take up the challenge, live life on purpose, spend 40 days feeling energised, building your fitness and feeding your soul. It's so much more fun than giving up chocolate.