Dancing in the Dark : A Beginners Guide to Go Revolution

Looking for something a little different from your workout? Change can be a challenge so we've asked someone completely new to indoor cycling to try out a class...

First up - I am not a bike person and have never done a spin class. My willingness to try Go Revolution has caused outright hilarity in my immediate circle, with more than one person saying 'you know it's on a bike, don't you?' I do love a good playlist though and am fascinated by the prospect of a party on a bike; I'm thinking I could just dance quietly in the corner if the spinning doesn't work out. 

The welcome at Go Revolution on a cold and wet February evening is incredibly warm. They have my booking, they give me shoes and explain the lockers (no keys to lose). The instructor, it's Nicola tonight, comes to reception to meet us and introduces herself to the class. She sets up the bike for my height, checks it's ok and makes adjustments; you know that nothing is too much trouble feeling you get in a good hotel? It feels like that. 


Even to my uninitiated eye, the bikes are fab and motivational in themselves - you can see how hard you are working, how many calories you're burning and how far you've travelled. I imagine if you are an actual road rider in training, this would be invaluable. Nicola checks in with everyone throughout the class, setting goals and cheering us on; she remembers everyone's name too,  always impressive. 

Most of all, it's fun. The playlist is thought through, who knew you could actually cycle in time to Swedish House Mafia? The atmosphere created with the lights is less gym, more disco. It's hard to tell whether the endorphin release is as result of sprinting up the hill or memories of glow sticks at festivals but I found myself with a smile on my face in the darkness. 

Don't be afraid to give it a try. Whether you want great legs for summer, a happy boost midweek or a new twist on your training regime, there is something here for you at Go Revolution. Finally I'm a cyclist, all I needed was a soundtrack to get me going. 

We'd love to introduce you to Go Revolution - you can book through our app or give us a call. There's more information on what to expect on your first visit here