Making Your Life Into An Adventure

So it's Valentine's Day again - maybe you've been loved up in the same relationship for years, maybe it's all new and romantic, maybe there is just no-one that lights your candle. Just remember, fabulous partnerships don't have to be romantic. Your friend, your sister, your colleague - anyone who makes your life sweeter and who you love to be with, they can be your Valentine too. 

Take Sophie and Suzie. Sophie is a busy lady, running a yoga studio, looking after her kids, supporting her hubby who also has his own business. Life is crazy. Then she meets Suzie, another busy lady, a physiotherapist in a former life now volunteering for charities, running around after her kids, doing yoga to keep her sane...and there you have it. The connection. Suzie needs the yoga, Sophie needs an organisational genius. Put the two together and you have an awesome partnership.

Being the dynamic ladies that they are, they don't sit back and congratulate themselves on making their lives easier. They decide to have some adventures. They set up Go Yoga Retreats to help other busy people get some perspective. They train and invest in themselves; they realise it is possible to change your life; they dream big dreams. 

The sign of a good partnership is that it is productive - things grow out of it. From Suzie and Sophie came the idea, early in 2016, for a spin class with a difference.  So they started to plan and to build and by the start of 2017, Go Revolution was spinning. 

It's exciting when you meet someone you can do life with. You're thrown together for a purpose. Don't waste that energy that's between you, whoever your special someone is. Let it make your life into an adventure, share it with others, let every day have the passion of doing something you love. Don't ever be alone if you'd rather have company. Join our tribe, we're waiting for you.