Take the 12 Week Challenge

Welcome to May, a fabulous month for new beginnings with longer, warmer days. It’s the perfect time to set yourself a challenge or you could think of it as a spring resolution. At Go Revolution we are here to encourage and motivate you to achieve your goals - whether it’s a beach ready body, feeling more positive about yourself or committing to a healthy routine. 

Our 12 week challenge includes 36 classes of your choice. Every week you will receive an email from us full of motivation and advice, including fitness tips and nutritional guidance. You can also enjoy a one-to-one session with our own Jo Mac, helping you identify your goals and start on the path to achieving these. As you spend your 12 weeks with us, you will feel the difference in both mind and body, ready to take on whatever life throws at you. 

We will be setting up a Go Inspirations page so we can help each other along with our 12 week journey. To be part of the story, sign up today - registration closes on May 14. Everyone who completes the challenge also gets a free Go Revolution hoodie; don’t forget to share your progress through our social media channels.